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The FIX. Chef Freezer Stash (five dishes)

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Analiese Gregory’s Mapo tofu (serves two)
Brian Murray’s Guinness stew with potato dumplings (serves two)
Lennox Hastie's Mum's Moussaka (serves four)
Peter Gilmore’s crispy duck red curry (serves two)
Paul Carmichael’s pumpkin and chickpea curry (serves four)

Serves: Five separate meals, serves either two or four.

Dish Description

We gave the chefs some (tasty) homework; to come to us with their most delicious mid-week comfort food so we could send it directly to your place to be frozen for a later date, or cooking and enjoyed within three days. So, if you’re in a rut, in need of a hug in the form of food, or are simply after chef-quality meals at the drop of a hat, your freezer stash will be your best friend once you fill it with these beauties.

FIX. are proud to be working with a team of ethical, sustainable, and local growers who have worked - sometimes for decades - to create some of the tastiest food on this planet. It’s a pleasure to be able to cook with such well-loved ingredients.

Without further ado, here are our FIX. Chef Freezer Stash meals:

Analiese Gregory’s Mapo tofu (feeds two)

My Mapo tofu has been inspired by recipes from my mother and my Chinese matriarchs who taught me how to cook. It’s a beautifully fragrant dish, full of complex flavours and aromatics - think ginger, garlic and miso. I’ve added Szechuan pepper for a citrus-kick, as well as seasonal Asian greens. The tofu soaks up all the rich flavours of the sauce, while the pork provides a great texture contrast. Served with rice, this is the kind of dish I find incredibly comforting.

Brian Murray - Guinness stew with potato dumplings (feeds two)

What’s an Irish chef without an Irish stew? I’ve slow-cooked the beef in a rich stock made with mushrooms and vegetables and, of course, a tin of Guinness, resulting in a thick sauce and succulent beef. It’s made all the more indulgent by the addition of my proper potato dumplings; light and fluffy on the inside, golden on the outside. The meat comes from O'Connor Beef in Gippsland, Victoria while the potatoes have been grown by the Hill Family in NSW's Southern Highlands. It's these important details that take this familiar dish to the next level.

Lennox Hastie's Mum's Moussaka (feeds four)

A crowd pleasing, heart-warming family favourite that reminds me of my mum. Despite my mother having long, hard days at work, she always took the time to prepare something delicious. I distinctly remember how the warm fragrance of spice and red wine would fill the house when she made this dish. The bubbly golden crust would yield to rich layers of mince and eggplant; a magical transformation that rendered the vegetables appetising to a young boy. On the rare occasion there were any leftovers (which is unusual as it is so moreish) I would take it to school and eat it cold much to the ridicule of my classmates to whom such a foreign food was unknown. But I did not mind; I was tired of sad food from the school canteen and just one bite of the moussaka and I was instantly transported to the comfort of home.

Peter Gilmore’s crispy duck red curry (feeds two)

This is one of those heart-warming meals that I get great pleasure from serving up and sharing with friends. When cooking with duck - at Quay, Bennelong or for you - I exclusively use free-range ducks from Tathra Place in Wombeyan Caves, NSW. This happy flock roam freely, enjoy water baths and drink pure aquifer water. This wild existence without confinement results in a tender meat, with a thick fat content and an unbeatable flavour. It's a delight to eat and unlike anything you've tasted before. I slow cook the duck legs for maximum deliciousness. I've been sourcing a unique fermented chilli paste from Korea for my restaurants for years now, and it's one of the most important parts of my secret red curry recipe. This dish is served with steamed rice.

Paul Carmichael’s pumpkin and chickpea curry (serves four)

With sweet pumpkin, a warming combination of more than 15 herbs and spices and hints of coconut, nothing says a-hug-in-a-bowl quite like my pumpkin and chickpea curry. I couldn’t make this dish without adding my favourite ingredient of all time - the habanero chilli. It’s a sophisticated vegetarian curry, using sensational produce from STIX Farm, on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. I love serving and eating this curry with potato sticks - I've included this with the dish so you can indulge, too. This dish is served with rice.

Serving suggestion: grab yourself a packet of my roti from the FIX. Store - it's the perfect, carb-and-buttery addition to this meal.

The FIX. Team.

Key Information


These meals have been developed by our chefs, and lovingly prepared by the STIX team. They will be delivered to your place to be frozen for a later date or kept in the refrigerator and enjoyed within three days.

When ready to eat, simply follow the instructions, serve and enjoy!


Analiese Gregory’s mapo tofu

Pork, tofu, onion, garlic, ginger, Asian greens, spring onion, oil, Shaoxing, soy, water, doubanjiang, chilli oil, miso, Szechuan pepper, cornflour, sugar.

Brian Murray’s Guinness stew with potato dumplings

Beef, garlic, onion, tomato paste, beef stock, carrot, thyme, Guinness, mushroom, potato, butter, flour, parsley, chives, chervil, spring onion, chard.

Lennox Hastie's Mum's Moussaka

Eggplant, mince (lamb, beef), onion, leek, garlic, cinnamon, tomato, chicken stock, oregano, bay leaf, salt, pepper, olive oil, milk, flour, butter, rosemary, egg.

Peter Gilmore’s crispy duck red curry

Duck, garlic, ginger, eschalots, chilli, lemongrass, lime leaves, coriander, grapeseed oil, cream, palm sugar, chicken stock, fish sauce, lime juice, tamarind paste, Korean chilli paste, corn, xantana.

Paul Carmichael’s chickpea and pumpkin curry

Pumpkin, ginger, chilli, onion, garlic, thyme, shallots, dashi, coconut oil, curry leaves, pepper, paprika, mustard seeds, allspice, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, salt, coriander, turmeric, nutmeg, fenugreek.


Analiese Gregory’s mapo tofu
  • Contains soy, wheat (gluten).
Brian Murray’s Guinness stew with potato dumplings
  • Contains wheat, barley (gluten), milk.
Lennox Hastie's Mum's Moussaka
  • Contains wheat (gluten), milk, egg.
Paul Carmichael’s chickpea and pumpkin curry
  • Contains wheat (gluten), soy.
Peter Gilmore’s crispy duck red curry
  • Contains soy, fish.

Storage / Used By

Store in the freezer for three months from date made OR keep in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Preparation instructions
Featured producer

FIX. is fortunate to be working with some of the best producers around Australia.

In our Freezer Stash, we want to make special mention of two of them.

Firstly, Luke from Tathra Place is raising the only true free-range ducks in the country. Along with his Maremma dogs, this natural way of raising ducks’ results in flavour intensity, a deep and rich texture, and a thick layer of fat coverage - combining to make a stand-out eating experience.

We choose to work with O’Connor Beef whose Angus-Hereford cattle are born and bred on the pristine pastures of Gippsland in southeast Victoria. Their grass diet provides them with abundant proteins, vitamins and minerals and results in a sublime flavour and texture.

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Analiese Gregory has worked in Michelin Star restaurants and learned from the likes of Michael Bras and Peter Gilmore. It was a dedication to incredible produce that saw her move to Tasmania, where she can just as likely be seen cooking up a storm in idyllic locations as diving for fresh urchin.

Brian Murray is the Head Chef of STIX and FIX. He joined the Fink and Bennelong team in 2016, working his way up to Co-Head Chef of Quay, alongside fellow Co-Head Chef Tim Mifsud before taking a nine-month break from the kitchen to pursue his interest in regenerative agriculture and its beneficial impacts on the climate.

Lennox Hastie is the founder and chef of Firedoor and the soon-to-be-opened Gildas. With a dedication to supporting the best growers and producers around, his instinctual fire cooking has gained him global attention, and booked out Firedoor for months in advance.

Peter Gilmore is the Executive Chef at two of Australia’s most exciting and dynamic restaurants - Bennelong in the Sydney Opera House, and Quay at The Rocks. While he wears many hats, it’s not as many as the Three Chefs Hats that Quay has achieved under this guidance, for the 18 consecutive years.

Paul Carmichael is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has gone on to work at the likes of Dufresne’s wd~50, Asiate and David Chang’s má pêche. A chance to take the Head Chef role at momofuku seiōbo has seen him reside in Australia since 2015, fusing the best of this country’s produce with his Barbadian-born inspiration.