What is FIX.?

FIX. is at-home dining with a restaurant mentality - it’s dining in, like you dine out.

Australia’s top chefs have created their must-have menus using some of the finest producers from around the country. The FIX. team prepare your meals, package them sustainably and ship them to your front door, ready for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. You can enjoy FIX. in three ways:

FIX. Chef Dining Menus. Select from one of our five chef-made menus. We’ll prepare everything we can, package it up in a completely sustainable box, and ship it to your door for a chef-quality restaurant experience at your place. All you’ll need to do is pour yourself a glass of something delicious, put your dishes together, and enjoy!

FIX. Freezer Stash. Delivered as a pack of five, or stand-alone dishes, our favourite chefs have created meals to fill your freezer. Made with the finest ingredients, these are perfect for when you want something fancy but don’t want to leave the house.

The FIX. Store gives you the keys to our chefs' pantries. From secret ingredients, to produce normally sold by the pallet, to their very own hand-made condiments - this is where you go to get the goods that will step your cooking up a notch or five.

How It Works

Chef-created menus, delivered to your door.

STEP 1: Pick your FIX.
Choose your FIX. from FIX. Dining Boxes, the FIX. Freezer Stash, and the FIX. Store.

STEP 2: We get cooking.
The FIX. team at STIX HQ source Australia’s best produce from sustainable producers and get to work on your order.

STEP 3: Your order is on the move.
Your FIX. makes its way to you in a fully reusable, recyclable, insulated box via via our delivery partner’s network of refrigerated vans.

STEP 4: Finish your FIX. at home.
We’ve done the prep, and delivered it to your door. Now, it’s your time to shine - throw your FIX. tea towel over your shoulder, pour yourself a glass of something delicious and put the finishing touches on your FIX. dining experience.