The FIX. Producers

FIX. is thrilled to partner with producers who think the same way we do. We are fortunate to work with people around Australia who value sustainability and a conscious approach to regenerative farming, with the outcome being delicious food, grown in a way you can be proud of.

Our producers are an inspiring bunch, and we couldn’t do this without them. So, without further ado, here’s some of the stars of the FIX. show…

Tathra Place Free Range Farm

Tathra Place Free Range Farm, near Taralga NSW is home to the only true free-range ducks in the country. Guarded by a team of Maremma dogs, these birds are free to roam across 10 acres of pasture, drinking pure Wombeyan Caves water, and living a free life in the wild. Due to this wholesome, stress-free existence, the meat is tender with a thick layer of fat and an unbeatable flavour. The result is an outstanding eating experience.


Located on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, Sydney’s original food basin, the STIX Farm is home to award-winning produce. Using regenerative agricultural techniques, the STIX Farm aims to continually nourish the underground ecosystem resulting in more delicious, nutrient-dense food.

Vannella Cheese

Vannella Cheese is a slice of Italy in Sydney’s inner west. Having honed his skills working for some of Italy’s best cheese factories, Vito Minoia and his family moved to Australia, bringing with them everything they knew about cheesemaking. They have married traditional Italian methods of cheesemaking with the finest dairies in Australia to produce premium fresh, stretched curd cheeses.

Top Fish Octopus

We source our octopus from the Roaring Forties waters in Tasmania’s Bass Strait. They are captured using a purpose-designed pot and fishing method, then massaged until tender.

O’Connor Beef

O’Connor Beef’s Angus-Hereford cattle are born and bred on the pristine pastures of Gippsland in southeast Victoria. Their grass diet provides them with abundant proteins, vitamins and minerals and results in a sublime flavour and texture.

Hill Family Potatoes, Robertson, Southern Highlands

Hailing from the spud capital of NSW, our potatoes are grown by the Hill Family in the rich basalt soil surrounding Robertson in the Southern Highlands.


Messina’s herd of 100% pasture fed Jersey cows live their best life in Numurkah, Victoria. And it shows in their milk. Achieving close to 6% cream, the milk is high in protein and packed with flavour. With only one milking per day, the cows are less stressed and provide super high-quality milk.

Tasmanian Abalone

Tasmanian Abalone is grown in the cool, pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, on the wild west coast of Tasmania.

Diemen Pepper

Diemen Pepper produces a spicy native Tasmanian pepper grown and sourced by Dr. Chris Read, from his property 30 minutes south of Hobart.

A lamb co-op

A lamb co-op system of likeminded farmers operate in the Cressy area of Tasmania, just 35kms south west of Launceston. Surrounded by lush green clover, crisp cold water, and some of the cleanest air on the planet, their lambs are a premium product worth savouring.

Tasmanian Honey

Beekeeper Julian Wolfhagen founded Tasmanian Honey nearly 45 years ago. Working with a dedicated team of apiarists, the honey is extracted and packed at below 45°C, ensuring the flavour and health benefits of the honey remain uncompromised. The company is committed to a minimal impact process during handling.

Game Farm and Camden Valley Farm

A collaboration between Game Farm and Camden Valley Farm in NSW produce our preferred chickens in the country. The chicks are brooded under the watchful eye of Game Farm in Arcadia, and then spend their serenity-filled lives in the bucolic pastures of Camden Valley Farm. Open range and corn fed, these are the tastiest, ethically raised chickens money can buy.


Gooralie near Queensland’s Darling Downs is a family owned and operated pig farm. Their pigs are ethically raised and free range from day one, enjoying a stress-free environment, just as nature intended.

Abrolhos Scallops

Abrolhos Scallops get their name from where they’re wild caught - near the Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia. They recently became the first scallop fishery in Australia to receive sustainability certification from the international-recognised Marine Stewardship Council.

Mussett Farm

Mussett Farm in the Southern Highlands is our go-to producer for free range eggs. This off-grid regenerative farm is home to a very happy flock of chickens who roam, scratch and pasture graze across 40 beautiful hectares. Will and Connie also grow incredible mushrooms and have their own beehives.