Fink x STIX

Fink is Australia’s leading hospitality group, with a stable of award-winning venues including Bennelong, Firedoor, Gildas, Quay, OTTO Sydney, OTTO Brisbane, and Beach Byron Bay.

We are eternally proud of our talented team of front of house and back of house members. Some of our internationally renowned chefs include Peter Gilmore, Lennox Hastie, Alanna Sapwell, Will Cowper, Richard Ptacnik, Rob Cockerill, Tim Mifsud and Troy Crisante.

STIX is a collection of sustainably focused food initiatives including STIX Cafés in Marrickville and Hunters Hill, STIX Events and Catering, and the beautiful regenerative STIX Farm on the banks of the Hawkesbury River that follows permaculture principles to create some of the country’s tastiest vegetables.

In 2022, Fink and STIX joined forces to dream up a delicious, sustainable, locally sourced, chef-led dining experience called FIX. and the rest is history.