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Brian Murray's Ultimate Roast Chook (feeds four)

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Welcome to my FIX. Roast Chook.

I know you’ve probably had some pretty good roast chickens in the past, but I have to say, this one will send you weak at the knees. It’s a humble roast dinner, turned up to 11. These open-range corn fed birds hail from the bucolic pastures of Camden Valley. It’s this beautiful and ethical existence that results in such a flavour-filled meal. The chicken has been brined for six hours, ready for you to throw in the oven to cook.

I served it with creamy gratin, baked veggies and damn good gravy. Perfect for four people, grab some friends, open a bottle (or a can of Guinness), and let’s do this.

Once you go Ultimate Roast Chook, you’ll never go back.


Serves: Four


The dish: Roast chicken with carrots, smashed potatoes roasted in chicken fat, cauliflower gratin, and rainbow chard gravy.

Preparation instructions
Storage / Used by

Store refrigerated below 5°C. Cook within three days.

Featured Producers

This chicken is the result of a collaboration between Game Farm and Camden Valley Farm in NSW. The chicks are brooded under the watchful eye of Game Farm in Arcadia, and then spend their serenity-filled lives in the bucolic pastures of Camden Valley Farm. Open range and corn fed, these are the tastiest, ethically-raised chickens money can buy.

Our cauliflowers are grown by STIX farm on the banks of the Hawkesbury River.

Hailing from the spud capital of NSW, our potatoes are grown by the Hill Family in the rich basalt soil surrounding Robertson in the Southern Highlands.

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Key information

Chef Tips

  • Bring your chicken to room temperature for an even cook.
  • Keep the carrot tops to make an excellent pesto - check out my recipe here
  • Leftover gravy makes for the most delicious chicken pot pie or roast chicken roll.


Brined (salt, water, cinnamon, white pepper, clove) chicken, lavender, carrots, potato, chicken fat, cauliflower, Gruyere cheese, rainbow chard, gravy (water, chicken bones, celery, carrot, thyme, bay leaf, kombu, cream).


The chicken has been brined for six hours, ready for you to throw in the oven to cook. The carrots, potato, cauliflower gratin and gravy has all been prepared and ready for you to heat and serve alongside your roast chook.

The menu will be delivered cold in an insulated lined box.

Required Equipment

    • Oven
    • Oven Tray
    • Saucepan

Contains: Gluten, dairy.

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